Queen of Pop Kylie Minogue returns to the dancefloor with her incredible 15th studio album ‘Disco’ The disco diva releases her most enjoyable album in a decade



2020 has been the year of Disco revival. Starting with Dua Lipa’s album, Future Nostalgia, and its sleek nu-disco production, followed by Lady Gaga transporting us to the ’80s electronic dance music clubs of Chromatica. Kylie has crafted a shimmering stream of dancefloor bangers, here to show the newbies how Disco is REALLY done.

Minogue embraces what she describes as “grown up disco,” leaving all tongue ’n’ cheek references at the door and instead channels more affectionate and sincere lyrics. Overall, it’s incredibly infectious and allows a sense of escapism.

Disco serves up a selection of deliciously camp classics, giving us one of her most consistent albums to date. The album echo’s inspiration from Chic, Daft Punk and ABBA, while still remaining authentically Kylie.

There is something unique about each track that keeps the album interesting. Whether it’s the Daft Punk inspired vocals of ‘Supernova,’ the incredible tempo change of ‘Dance Floor Darling’ (which, in my opinion, might be one of her best songs) or the fresh sound of the album opener ‘Magic,’ this album has enough sparkle to light up the dark days of lockdown this winter.

The album is a consistently uplifting set of material. It wouldn’t be a stretch to consider this a more mature version of her previous album ‘Light Years.’ Nevertheless, Disco is a flawless pop album that will have anyone Spinning Around in a glittery glow that’s absolutely irresistible.

Disco is out everywhere now.