Two arrested as Police turn off the music at Bow Brickhil music event

Police received a report of an illegal, unlicensed music event taking place on land off Church Road, Bow Brickhil in Milton Keynes, at around 12.40am today (19/5).

Officers attended the event and engaged with those present to prevent disorder and maintain the safety of those attending.

Police have since intervened and equipment has been seized from the site and the event has now been closed down.

Two arrests were made, a man, aged 18 from Suffolk and a woman, aged 19 from Bedfordshire were arrested on suspicion of drug driving, they are both currently in custody.

Superintendent Tim Metcalfe, said: “Illegal unlicensed music events are dangerous and there can be little regard for public safety.

“It is very early in the season, but the response to this event shows that we will continue to deal with reports of such events robustly.

“If someone becomes aware of an unlicensed music event taking place or information about a planned rave, this should be reported either online or on 101.

“If it is an emergency, please call 999. It is an emergency when a crime is being committed, there is a risk of injury, or there is a risk of serious damage to property.

“I would like to thank members of the public who called to inform us of this event and would also like to thank the local community for their support and patience”

Alternatively, you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111