Residents scare off Yobs who carry out foul attacks on wildlife with catapults

Posted for a follower:
I’ve spent the last week in awe of the geese and goslings at the park in St Paul’s Cray near the Bull Pub. Such a beautiful sight and amazing to watch the parents protect the babies.

However, tonight at the same park, a number of severely injured geese had needed the attention of the RSCPA after they had bee attacked by mindless youths

I saw some youths acting suspiciously and although I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt – because of where they came from (woods), how they were acting and what they were saying I followed them.

I saw one lad tormenting a goose on the grass and confronted them. I returned to the goose to find it sat in a pool of blood, pouring with blood from its head and wing. It turns out that the same group of youths were seen an hour early with catapults and scared off by a local resident.

So this group of youths, some of whom I would recognise, as would the man who witnessed them earlier, approx 6 boys and 1 girl had been carrying out this sustained and brutal cruelty for over an hour and despite being caught they regathered and continued.

So so sad. We couldn’t catch the goose despite best efforts and so it now probably going to die bleeding to death.

It’s been so upsetting. I don’t know what to do about the situation, it’s been reported to animal welfare and as this was an intentional act with weapons, also to the police.

This is not the first time this has happened by all accounts and I recall seeing RSPCA signs there previously warning rock throwing youths they were being watched.

If you know your child/teenager has purchased a catapult and you know they frequent that park please make them aware they are being and looked for. Several local residents came together tonight to try and help and are all on the lookout for suspicious activity. —