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A father has been jailed for at least 21 years for killing his six-year-old son Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and his partner has been sentenced to life imprisonment after they subjected the boy to months of physical abuse

Arthur’s father, 29-year-old Thomas Hughes, must serve at least 21 years for the manslaughter of his son, after he suffered an “unsurvivable brain injury” on June 16, 2020.
Judge Wall concluded Hughes deliberately “researched pressure points” to inflict the “maximum pain” on his son Arthur.
Emma Tustin, 32, who was brought to Coventry Crown Court, “refused to come up” to the dock for the duration of the sentencing, is guilty of murdering the defenceless boy who had been subjected to a campaign of “evil” abuse.
Addressing them both, Judge Wall said: “I have no doubt Arthur was regularly beaten by both of you, each was aware of what the other was doing.”
Judge Wall said she must serve a minimum term in jail for 29 years before she can appeal her conviction for starving, poisoning and then murdering her six-year-old stepson.
He warned Tustin if she is refused parole, she may have to spend the rest of her life behind bars.
Judge Justice Wall said the case was “one of the most distressing and disturbing” he had ever dealt with.
He said neither defendant had shown any remorse and their behaviour had been “spiteful and sadistic”.
One of the most troubling aspects of the case, he added, was that Tustin’s own two children “lived a perfectly happy life in that house” just yards from where Arthur was subjected to “unthinkable abuse”.
The trial at Coventry Crown Court heard Arthur had been poisoned with salt, subjected to regular beatings, denied food and drink and made to stand for hours alone in the hallway.