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First Picture of Navy Badcock Worker Jake Davidson who killed five including three year little girl in Plymouth Gun Rampage

A major incident has been declared and people are warned to stay inside their homes after Five people have been shot. 

The man behind the attacks has been named as Jack Davidson after a domestic dispute got out of hand and he shot his neighbour and then went off around the neighbourhood shooting at random people. 



It is understood that up to “five people” have died in a serious firearms incident.

It is also claimed that the shooter was “shot by armed police officers” after the bloody rampage.

The dad even begged the mental health team to assess him but they basically said they couldn’t be bothered and said they were to short of staff to come out. So not have only the mental services on this country let these poor families down

One of these is understood to be a young child and two females have been killed.


A Third is a local man who has been rushed to hospital 


A major incident is currently unfolding in Plymouth with HART, police and air ambulances present after they were scrambled to Biddick Drive after a female and young child was shot. A second female was then found shot on Henderson Place in the City at around 6.30pm on Thursday evening after a man went on the rampage with a firearm.

Four air ambulances landed in the North Prospect area of ​​Plymouth this evening.

Two Devon and Cornwall Air Ambulances have landed and a lot of unmarked police/emergency personnel are heading this way as the incident has been declared a major incident.


A spokesman for Southwest Ambulance Service: “We were called at 18:12 for an ongoing incident in Plymouth. We responded to the incident with a large number of resources, including Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART), multiple ambulances, air ambulances, many doctors and senior paramedics.

Luke Pollard, MP for Plymouth, said: “Really troubling news is coming from Keeham in Plymouth.

“Please, can everyone stay safe and stay inside and follow the advice of the police.”

According to reports, air ambulances from across the country, including Southampton and Dorset, are at the scene.

A nearby school gym was told to close and people inside were ordered to leave.

Belts, which are constantly expanding, were placed around a block of flats to prevent pedestrians from walking along it.

The road where the accident occurred is now completely closed.


Johnny Mercer, Member of Parliament for Plymouth Moor View said: “I am aware of a serious and tragic accident unfolding in Plymouth.

“Please comply with all police instructions and do not spread rumours or speculation on social media.”


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