Breaking Greece

UK firefighters tackling the wildfires in Greece are in Peloponnese, Southern Greece – and are using a range of skills to help their colleagues


The team has continued with the removal of trees and creating fire breaks in key areas using hand tools and chainsaws, creating a positive effect in areas around village electrical power feeds.

Chainsaw operations commenced to remove brush to allow for clean fire break areas. This helps to prevent movement of embers into unaffected areas.

Sky News filmed with the National Resilience deployment and the team made use of the Sky News Drone to assess areas to help identify further fire movement.  Drone operators within the team (from Lancashire FRS and LFB) are also undertaking further aerial thermal assessments.

The weather is constantly changing in Greece – specifically wind speed and direction – which impacts on the fire front. This is under constant assessment.

The team has now been deployed to the Ilia region (the western part of Peloponnese) and are creating fire breaks, using chainsaws.

Prior to any work undertaken, the site conditions, weather, wind and fire-front are being considered to help formulate both operational and tactical plans, coupled with full risk assessments being work gets underway.

All members of the deployment are fit and well and the teams are operating on a rotation to safeguard against heat and exhaustion.

Teams from Merseyside, Lancashire, South Wales, London and West Midlands fire services are among the 21-strong team. NFCC responded to a formal request from the Home Secretary to give operational assistance to Greece.