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Members of an Irish family are jailed in the UK over callous puppy smuggling scam

Members of an Irish puppy smuggling ring have been jailed in the UK for their part in a cruel £300k scam.
Several members of the Armagh-based Cawley family sold dying dogs to unsuspecting customers who were forced to spend thousands in veterinary fees to save their animals.
In some cases new owners found their pups falling sick before even getting home and some were so riddled with the disease they could not survive.
Judge Francis Sheridan said: “You have all played your part in this disgusting trade and you preyed upon the kindness of British citizens.”
Yesterday after a two-day sentencing hearing at Aylesbury Crown Court, Judge Sheridan said: “Not one of the defendants, in this case, should ever be given a licence to breed animals.
“The effects referred to in this case cannot be regarded by the public as anything other than utterly abhorrent.
“This is a trade-in cruelty and misery for the animals and the human beings who sought to buy them. The protection of the public must be foremost in my mind.