Breaking DVLA

DVLA licence renewal backlogs: Don’t get caught out


DVLA have said that they are experiencing delays with processing paper applications because of reduced staffing levels, due to a combination of Covid-19 and ongoing industrial action.

As such, they’ve warned that paper applications, including where further information has been required from you after an online application, are likely to take 6 to 10 weeks to process. Additionally, there may be further delays in processing more complex transactions, for example, if medical investigations are needed as part of your driving licence application.

We are receiving numerous reports from members telling us that drivers are not having their licenses renewed in time and are unable to drive, especially on international work.

DVLA have issued a series of updates about the situation, which you can find here.

Their updates include:

  1. Where’s my application?
  2. Online services
  3. Identity documents
  4. Contacting DVLA
  5. Renewing a driving licence
  6. Applying to renew a driving licence if you have a medical condition