Hedgehog awareness week has today begun in the UK aiming to highlight the problems affecting wild hedgehogs in the UK and make people aware of the ways that they can help support these cute but vulnerable animals.

We are great fans of our UK Hedgehogs and will also feature some LIVE late night cameras on the guaranteed regular visitors from an array (family) of hedgehogs so keep your eyes peeled.
Hedgehog population numbers are sadly in decline. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society estimate that urban hedgehog populations have fallen by up to 30%, and rural populations by at least 50%, since the turn of the century.
This is because Hedgehogs’ preferred countryside habitats of hedgerows and woodlands are shrinking.
The public aren’t aware on how they can help the many hedgehogs that choose to live in urban gardens.
For example, hedgehogs love to snuggle down in thick piles of vegetation; an unaware gardener can easily hurt a hedgehog if they don’t take care around leaf piles or compost heaps.
Throughout this week  we will be highlighting awareness for Hedgehogs in the UK, We will be sharing lots of facts, great work and how you can help the Hedgehog population.