Breaking Gatwick West Sussex

35 years ago today, on 10th April 1986, somebody carried me, as a 10-day-old baby, into Gatwick Airport

Either  from the UK side or following the landing of a foreign plane. That person then took me into the ladies toilets and left me there. There was no clue who she was and I’ve spent all my adult life searching. Who was I? Where did I come from? Who was my mother? How did she keep me secret for my first ten days?

It’s a story that keeps unfolding a story of obstacles to climb, twists and turns, mysteries, surprises and shocks. Finally, thanks to the help of two brilliant genealogists CeCe Moore and Helen Riding, using DNA we had a breakthrough. They worked out my first relative and then went on to find more of my birth family, gradually revealing a whole new extended family of blood relations.

Now at last, after all these years, I know where I came from. It is wonderful meeting and getting to know some of my birth family, making new relationships and friends. But the story doesn’t end there It’s a new beginning and I hope to be able to reveal more as time goes on. In fact, maybe I should write a book. What do you think?”

“Here’s a photo of Gary with his half-sister, Katia who was also adopted out. They are both holding up our baby blankets”