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A man has been sentenced to 14 years in jail after stabbing a woman in Reading last August


David Rackett, aged 57, of Scours Lane, Reading, was sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment and must also serve an additional four years on licence following a hearing at Reading Crown Court today (15/3).

Rackett was previously found guilty of attempted murder at the conclusion of a trial on 1 February.

At around 9.45pm on Sunday 16 August last year, Rackett met a woman in her forties on Oxford Road and they walked together to a boat in which he was living on Scours Lane.

Around ten minutes after arriving at the address, Rackett attacked the victim by throwing her to the floor and strangling her.

She managed to free herself from his grip before he stabbed her in the throat, saying her life wasn’t worth living.

He then thrust the knife towards her stomach but the victim was able to grab the weapon and run away to safety.

He was arrested the same day and taken into custody.

Investigating officers Sergeant Andy Philpott and Detective Constable Kevin Godding, of Reading CID, said: “Rackett is clearly a dangerous man and the sentence handed down today reflects the serious nature of his crime.

“It is remarkable the victim was not left with more significant injuries given the level of violence used in this attack.

“We hope this conviction shows that we will use all of our resources to prosecute those who commit such serious violence.”

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