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A terrorist who brutally murdered three men and tried to kill three others during a terrorist attack in Reading, has today been given a life sentence with a whole life order

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This means the defendant will serve that sentence without any possibility of parole or conditional release. He was also sentenced to 24 years’ imprisonment for each of the three attempted murder charges to run concurrently.

This short video shows what happened in Forbury Gardens in June last year and pays tribute to the three men who were killed that day. Some people may find the content upsetting to watch.
Out of respect for the families of those who were killed and all those involved in the incident at Forbury Gardens, we have taken a conscious decision to only use the offender’s name when absolutely necessary.
The focus for us is not what happens to him now. We are focusing on James, David, Joe and their families, and the surviving victims. They are the people we should remember today.
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