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Free Covid testing are in place for hauliers heading to France is now available at Rownhams northbound services, alongside Sutton Scotney southbound

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Free Covid testing are in place for hauliers heading to France is now available at Rownhams northbound services, alongside Sutton Scotney southbound.
Hauliers without a valid Covid test cannot travel. There is *no* test facility at the port.
Operation Transmission is now in place to make sure EU bound lorries and trailers heading to Portsmouth International Port are ‘border ready’, with documentation checks taking place at triage sites.
Hauliers must have either have been to a triage point and have a pass, or be a pre-approved special load before heading to the port. This includes hauliers bringing trailers that will be shipped unaccompanied, as the paperwork is for the load, not the driver.
Portsmouth Port are expecting the number of hauliers arriving at the port to increase over the coming days and weeks, which is why it is critical you visit the correct triage point, or risk not being able to travel.
If you are coming from the north (M3, A34), you must follow the yellow and black signs to the main triage point (known as T1) on A31. The postcode for the A31 site is SO24 0HU.
Failure to do so could mean if you have travelled from the north and bypassed the main triage site on A31, you risk being sent away from the port. There is very limited space at the local triage site (known as T2) and strict enforcement means there is a real chance of being turned away or delayed, resulting in missing your sailing.
Hauliers heading to the port for services to the Channel Islands, or to Portico, are not affected by this plan and can carry on as normal
Portsmouth Port advise hauliers to allow an extra 30 minutes to their journey, which will give enough time for the diversion and document checks.
These include:
a valid ferry booking reference number, (no booking, no entry)
a valid passport
any applicable Movement Reference Numbers (MRN)
any applicable Transit Accompanying Documents (TAD)
any applicable Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission (ATA ) or Transport Internationaux Routiers (TIR) carnets
any applicable required documents for animals, plants, firearms, or other speciality goods
Provide a negative covid test, taken within 72 hours before you board a ferry to France.
Please use one of the official government sites to get a test – a full list of sites can be found here. If you arrive in Portsmouth without a valid Covid test result, you will have to go back and get one.
If you are a haulier carrying freight considered a special load, you may qualify for an exemption to the triage check, These include the following;
live animals
live or fresh shellfish
fresh fish or shellfish
an abnormal load (long, wide or heavy)
You are permitted to travel directly to the port, provided that we were being notified in advance.
Please download the special loads form below, complete and then send it to
This needs to be completed and submitted 12-24 hours before sailing
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