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The family of Olly Stephens, who died following an incident in Emmer Green, Reading on Sunday (3/1) have released the following tribute.

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“Last night we have had to face every parents’ worst nightmare.
“My wife, daughter and I would like to whole heartedly thank the following people:
“A Good Samaritan that tried valiantly to save Oliver, an off duty doctor who also offered her help, all the emergency services that attended the scene at Bugs Bottom, Emmer Green who have been exemplary, the forensic team and all staff that are still on the case, and our families, neighbours, friends and colleagues who have sent their valued love and support.
“Oliver was an enigma, having both Autism and suspected Pathological Demand Avoidance he became a challenge we never shied away from.
“He was hilariously funny, charming and beautiful.
“He could get his own way with a wry smile and a cheeky grin. He always stood his ground and fought for the underdog whilst having an amazing depth of love, warmth and wit.
“In his final moments he must have been terrified. Fighting to get home, he had everything to live for. We now have only memories.
“An Olly sized hole has been left in our hearts.
“Gentle shoulder charge, love ya mate XXX.”
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