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Reading Buses asked their employees to wear a Christmas jumper to work


It’s to raise money for their charity of the year Sport in Mind
The company are saw their offices awash with colour as the people behind the scenes swapped their office wear for colourful jumpers.
And it wasn’t just behind the scenes as drivers were also bussing around the town with clothing adorned with Santas, reindeers and snowmen. The company also saw those working from home take part too.
Everyone who wore a jumper today (December 9) donated to the charity.
Said Jake Osman, Marketing and Communications Manager for Reading Buses: “Every year we choose a Wednesday before Christmas to wear our Christmas jumpers and try and raise a bit of money for our charity of the year, which this year is Sport in Mind.
We are saw lots of employees wearing their boldest, brightest and even naffest jumpers and donate £2 for the privilege.”
The company are also asking customers to donate by texting SIM 2 to 70085 to donate £2 to their charity.
Added Jake: “Last year’s jumper day was a great success so we are pleased that this year was just as good.”
Report and Photo by Peter Love