Police officers across the country have been given the approval from the Lord Chief Justice to carry Taser into court rooms and buildings

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Priti Patel approved the new Taser 7 model on the 24th August this year to protect officers and the public. Used by trained police officers the equipped with a more effective Taser following the approval of a new model by the Home Secretary today (24 August).
Hampshire Police Federation the driving force behind the police England and Wales is one of the largest staff associations in the UK representing almost 122,000 rank and file officers.
Established by Police Act of 1919, the Police Federation was introduced to provide officers with a platform to bring their views on welfare and efficiency to the notice of the government and police authorities.
The Police Federation have said;
“subject to local policy, members will no longer have to remove the equipment when attending court on routine business, such as giving evidence or delivering exhibits after the Lord Chief Justice amended the Criminal Practice Direction.
Evidence gathered from frontline officers by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) highlighted the difficulties they faced when having to remove and store the equipment before being allowed into court – including lack of secure storage facilities and eating into their time. This helped police chiefs strongly demonstrate to the Judiciary and senior judges why a change in the law was desperately needed.
PFEW Firearms and Taser Lead Steve Hartshorn said: “This is a big step forward for policing and we would like to give credit to Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi, Inspector Andy Harding and the team that worked hard for many years to get the changes required that will help our officers on a daily basis.
“We would also like to thank Federation members who took the time to supply evidence to support the successful outcome. It has been very frustrating for my colleagues whose jobs have been impeded at times because of this.
“This much welcomed and long-overdue decision means they can better protect themselves, the courts’ staff and the public if faced with violence or threats of violence and we appreciate the Judiciary and senior judges for listening to the concerns raised.”
If there are any issues encountered on the matter over the coming weeks, we would recommend contacting your local Federation branch.”