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 Sadly, Woodford Park Leisure Centre and The Gym on the Park will be closed from Thursday

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The Gym on the Park will be closed from Thursday 5th November until further notice. We understand that many of you will have questions relating to your gym memberships and payments and so we have posted some of the most commonly asked questions and their related answers below:

 All gym memberships will be automatically suspended from Thursday 5th November and all payments that fall within the lockdown period will be cleared. Your membership and payments will then automatically be reactivated once the gym is allowed to reopen again.

For members that have had payments for November taken already, we will automatically be clearing your first payment back following the gym reopening. Currently, the planned reopening date is Wednesday 2nd December and so members who pay on the 1st of each month will pay nothing for December to counteract the payment taken for November.


 The currently scheduled reopening date is Wednesday 2nd December; however, we are prepared for this date to be pushed back even further. We hope to operate under the same Covid procedures that we currently are when we are allowed to reopen.

If you have any further questions or need any assistance with your membership: