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The National Day of Action : Members of Global Justice distribute leaflets outside Reading Station

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As part of a National Day of Action today, Saturday 24 October, members of Global Justice Reading distributed leaflets outside Reading train station. They were campaigning with people across the country and also in the US, to say whoever wins the US election, the proposed US-UK trade deal must be stopped.

Jackie Oversby said, ‘The deal would weaken the standards that protect the things we value, erode the services that take care of us, and damage the planet. All to entrench corporate power while doing next to nothing to help the real economy. This isn’t the kind of society and economy that people in the UK or the US want – nor do our allies around the world who are fighting similar deals.’

Bente Madiera said, “We are not against trading with America – we already do that – but this proposed deal would kickstart a process that could reshape our society into a corporate marketplace.’ 

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