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Abortion Pro Life hold a peaceful silent witness this Saturday

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Saturday 24 October the Reading Branch of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) held an act of public witness to commemorate the lives of nine million unborn children killed by abortion in Britian since the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act.

The peaceful, silent witness, known as a pro-life chain, took place on the London Road three days before the 27 October; the date on which the Abortion Act received royal assent 53 years ago.

Participants in the pro-life chain held placards displaying a message to passing motorists to remind them that abortion takes a baby’s life. Featured on the placards was a phone number for women, and men, who have been hurt by abortion – 0345 603 8501.

Antonia Tully, SPUC Director of Campaigns, who joined the pro-life chain in Reading said: “Our pro-life chain is a witness to the tragedy of abortion. But it is also an act of hope. Women deserve better than abortion. And every unborn baby deserves to live.

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