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Police arrest fast-food delivery driver for drug-driving – then DELIVER the kebab to astonished customer

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Thames Valley Police officers stopped the driver in Woodley, Berkshire, where he was about to drop off a doner kebab meal at a house.



They had been looking for him for several days, suspecting he had no insurance or licence. Police posted details of the arrest on social media, pictured, as well as several photographs After arresting him, one of them walked along the road and delivered the meal to the house, which was three doors away. The force’s Roads Policing team said when the driver was pulled over in the quiet residential side street, he gave false details as he had no insurance and no licence.

One of his tyres was in a dangerous condition, so worn that part of the cord was showing.

The delivery man was also driving under the influence of drugs. 

Police said the kebab was delivered by an officer as the house was only three houses away.

The driver was arrested and the car was seized.

‘Driver gave false details as had no insurance, no licence, cord exposed on tyre and drug driving’ said police on social media.

They said ‘Officers took the time to deliver the kebab to the correct address.’

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