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Firefighters from Tilehurst and Whitley Wood station test positive for COVID19


Six firefighters stationed at Tilehurst and Whitley Wood have tested positive for COVID-19

All six are all recovering at home in isolation. To protect their privacy, their identifies and conditions will remain anonymous.

A source for the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue service said all employees at its two fire stations are being tested. Contact tracing is underway with help from Public health England.

All fire stations are cleaned and sanitised between shift changes, officials said.

“One of my highest priorities is the safety and health of all the employees,” . “The fire service follows and exceeds, where possible, the the Government guidelines while providing emergency services to our community.”

The two fire stations have reduced their staff to practice social distancing, but public service should not be interrupted our source has revealed but appliances are being manned with four riders

Some stations have been closed, unless there’s an emergency. Training is done separately to avoid mixing groups, too. They’ve also changed how they respond to calls.

The service have been approached for comment

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