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Are you concerned? A new group has been set up for residents against toxic gas tower development


If you are a resident who lives in or around the Cemetary Junction area of Reading, you may be interested in a new Facebook group that has been set up in the area.   The group appears to have been set up because local people are concerned about the possibility of contaminated land which is due to be developed on the ground where the gas tower currently stands.

The group currently has 33 followers and on there page it states that : London based developer Danescroft LLP plans to create 130 households in an area that even RBC think is too many, initially it was agreed that the area could hold 47 households. The land is heavily contaminated after over 100 years of gas production and storage. Already Danescroft has tried to demolish the gas tower and develop the nearby area, with inadequate plans in place to deal with the contamination, which will affect local residents adversely.



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