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We were lucky to have another sunny morning to do this!

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This week we supplied fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables to Whitley CDA, Sadaka, New Beginnings Reading, Cirdic, Reading Red Kitchen and The Weller Centre.

Thanks to Fran, Elaine and Bev for helping sort and drop off the vegetables yesterday. We were lucky to have another sunny morning to do this! ☀️

We received produce from four of the Food4families’s community gardens Lavender Place Community Gardens, Whitley Growallot, the Food4Families Reading training base and Southcote Growallot Community Allotment.
Thanks also to Scours Lane, Culver Lane and Henley Road allotment holders and individual growers who donated produce too. Reading really does have a great community of growers! All of the produce goes to local organisations who help those affected by food poverty.

Lots of amazing produce again heading out including beautiful home grown tomatoes, different types of squash as well as some new items this week – aubergines, red frills mustard and New Zealand spinach. (Last week we had the most unusual veg so far – a couple of chayote!)

If you’d like to get involved then please message us here or email

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