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Dynamic Response Vehicle off the Road didn’t keep Whitley life savers off the the road

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Here is a round up of what the community repsonders have got up to:

The ambulance service was quite busy so we offered to attend a local Concern for Welfare case in #Whitley.

Entry gained through a window and all good inside.

In the evening we were mobilised to #LowerEarley for a potential neurological emergency but were stood down on route.

In the early hours we backed up our fellow #Tilehurst responders to one of their local calls, a patient with difficulty breathing but once again, we were stood down on route.

Our Dynamic Response Vehicle (DRV) was off the road last night, so they headed out in our personal cars.

Sam finished the night off at about 02:30am with a selfie of both him, and James from Tilehurst!!!

Lower Earley responders have the DRV and are covering over the weekend for you! Stay safe.