Breaking NatWest UK

All RBS and NatWest including Cash machine and card payments down

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Hundreds of thousands of NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland customers are facing major issues and have been locked out of their account or access to cash  after a major system crashed on Wednesday evening  with no access to cash or card payments and the bad news is NatWest do not have a fix time after all the banks servers across the world crashed just before 7.20pm.

RBS and Natwest’s mobile apps and online banking services suffered intermittent problems before a total loss of all systems was declared by the RBS group , with customers taking to Twitter to complain and many unable to withdraw cash or make card payments around the world.

“Our Online Banking, mobile app and Bankline are currently facing intermittent problems,” Natwest told customers on Twitter.

Customer services advised those stuck to make payments with cash. We’re working hard getting them back up and running smoothly for you. We’ll post an update when we have more information. And remember to contact us if you need urgent help.”

RBS, which owns Natwest, advised customers that they are working on a fix urgently but had not fix time  apart from to confirm that teams are aware and working to restore systems