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Superhero left in shock after Fake £20 note scam in Reading

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A London Man who was visiting Reading town centre today to promote his organisation and make positive changes to peoples lives was “absolutely horrified” to be handed what we believed was a fake Scottish 20 pound Clydesdale bank note to purchase a single ticket worth £3. This meant Mr Syed(the recipient), had to refund the difference of £17.00 in legal tender.

Saleem Syed, was selling tickets in the town dressed as Superman to help people with life limiting and mobility issues through no fault of there own along with his colleague Diogo Carvalho, who came as the caped crusader Batman.

Mr Syed said “I set up The British Mobility Project just six weeks ago and have already awarded two mobility scooters to very deserving people” he says “it was very emotional for myself and the recipients, we were initially looking to gift 4 per year but we may have to increase that now”.

Mr Syed said “2 people have already been awarded their own scooters which has given them back independence and makes getting about easier in their day to day life”, he goes onto say “I set up The British Mobility Project to help others after my own son had difficulties with with certain conditions”. Mr Syed, says, “in the 90’s these conditions had no diagnosis and getting help was difficult, its only really been in the past 10 years that people have started to realise how these disabilities can effect someone day to day”. Mr Syed goes on to say “costs of a mobility scooter can range from £2000 – £10,000, its good to be able to do something positive, which we do by selling tickets and getting people to nominate someone who they think needs it the most”. There are conditions for the award though, which includes for example people being on Disability Living Allowance(DLA).

Mr Syed stated he was “absolutely horrified” to realise he had been passed a fake £20 note when he was trying to do good in the town and was “disgusted” these men could do this to a project set up to help people. Mr Syed said “The funds raised go to providing more mobility scooters for people in need, I would just let businesses know that these notes are in circulation in Reading”. He says “I was suspicious initially when the three men with Irish accents approached as one said to the other just give it to him, they obviously bought a single ticket with the fake note so they pocket the change without worry”.

Luckily CCTV in the town had caught the incident on camera and in just a few moments later a local council official approached and informed Mr Syed, about what they think had happened and he was made aware that the men are known in the local area. Mr Syed said “it just confirmed my suspicions that something wasn’t right”. Mr Syed says “the official asked me to call the Police and make a report which is what I have done”.

Later in the day, the same three men were seen back in the Town wearing ghost-like masks and had been causing trouble with the Oracle security staff and other shops, an eye witness has said.