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“An unofficial rubbish dump” for selfish and inconsiderate fly-tippers in Woodley

Disgusted  residents  in Woodley say homes are being overrun with rats after waste  continues to be dumped at the rear of Woodley shopping centre and it’s an eyesore.


Over the last months,Crockhamwell Road, in Woodley  has become  “an unofficial rubbish dump” for selfish and inconsiderate fly-tippers.


Despite  some action being  taken by the council  it  remains as problematic as it is attractive for illegal waste dumpers.

One Woodley resident who asked not to be named said:

“I have seen this area with loads of bags like this over a long period, years even, and it has become a dumping ground,” he said.

“There is multiple reports of cars pulling up and dumping their bags, and I very much doubt anyone has been given permission to add their household waste there.

“We have had to deal with rat problems among the houses, which was disgusting, and not only a health problem, but a real social issue locally.”


The resident has now urged  Woodley Town Council  to clear the waste  and look to put more stringent deterrents in place to warn-off fly-tippers.

“The mess and waste  in Crockhamwell Road have been there for at least a month, so if the council intends to leave them, we seriously have a council who is failing the local community.

“It they also fail to put measures in place to change this situation, they have equally failed.”

Woodley Town Council has been contacted for comment.