Two year old brought back to life after chocking on a grape

A two year-old boy was brought lifeless and placed in the resuscitation bed after choking on a grape. Immediate interventions given and revived miraculously by our team then shifted to intensive care unit for close observation with ventilator to support him breath. He was lucky enough to have reached the emergency and saved his life from death.
Heartbreaking, that most children with the same incident are not able to survived despite first aid attempts to removed the obstruction, some had gone into cardiac arrest and died later before the grape was able to dislodged.

We have countless cases being resuscitated in our department but this one worth to share not just to give warning to every parents and carers but “ a plea for awareness to public community “

Grapes can completely plug a child’s airway, with research suggesting they are third most common cause of death in food – related incident. Kids age up to 5 are more at risk and vulnerable because they’ re still learning to chew and their airway is tiny.
Health care professionals, researchers, and experienced persons recommend that fruits and foods such as grapes, cherry tomatoes, hotdogs, sausages , etc should be cut up for children, adding that parents should also be aware of what to do if their child chokes, “ For a child, turn them upside down and slap them hard in the back between the shoulder blade”.

The mother of the boy stated above, went to a corner while we were resuscitating her son and poured out all her cries and regret was seen all over her.