Department of Work & Pensions – What they don’t tell you…

This information is NOT given to you when you are DWP Sanctioned.

If you have your benefits stopped, such as by being sanctioned, go to the council and request a NIL INCOME FORM and fill it out.

That will reinstate your housing benefit and Council Tax. It will also give you access to further help such as Gas/Electricity Meter Credit, Food Vouchers and Emergency Cash Payments.

For gas, electric and food etc you need to apply in your local area to the Essential Living fund (ELF) the council will give you the number for this. The council will look at housing and council tax but will refer or maybe the local authority in your area is the ELF and they can help you with all the other income issues.

The council will ONLY deal with you if you ask for this form specifically. The authorities – such as the council and DWP – will NOT inform you that this form is available until you’ve actually asked for it.