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Reading Borough Council is set to invest up to £100k from Developer Contributions to improve road safety in the Redlands area

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A great response to the ’20 is plenty’ campaign. The consultation responses on traffic calming measures proposed for Kendrick, Redlands, Morgan and Allcroft Road can be seen here and will be discussed in Committee on Thursday.
The Council has also put in a formal response to a Department for Transport consultation to ask how best to tackle the police’s lack of enforcement of 20mph limits. It states ‘Thames Valley Police has a declared policy of not supporting 20mph speed enforcement … [the Council needs] to have the powers to devise more effective methods for enforcing 20mph zones.’
These new schemes will improve local safety. The Borough Council has also installed its own ’20 mph SLOW DOWN’ signs in Addington Road to help reinforce the message.
Meanwhile, we are waiting for an update on the proposed school road scheme at Crescent Road, and for the police response to the concerns raised by residents on Eastern Avenue which we put to them at the Safer Neighbourhood Forum. As soon as I get a new update on this, 
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