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Tribute to 12-year-old boy who died in road traffic collision in Pangbourne

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The family of Corey Lee Caton, aged 12, who died following a road traffic collision on Saturday 7 November on the B417 near Pangbourne has paid tribute to him.

The following tribute is from Corey’s dad:

“Corey was a kind hearted, funny, intelligent 12-year-old boy who has been taken from us far too soon following a tragic road traffic accident.

“Corey’s death has left all of his family and friends shocked and devastated, unable to accept how cruel fate can be.

“Corey had a growing creative side, while also enjoying maths, a great sense of humour – both witty and sarcastic, an enthusiasm for rock and rap music, social PlayStation gaming, and a warm fun-loving nature that meant he had a wide circle of friends both within and outside his school.

“During his far too short 12 years of life he has skied in France and Italy, parasailed in Egypt, zip lined, toured Australia and Asia, camped, attended many music festivals, cycled, helicoptered, flown in gyrocopter, moto-crossed, played bass guitar, and loved swimming in pools, sea and ocean to the point of often being labelled a fish.

“Tall and handsome and increasingly strong, he gained a brown belt in Judo, but had a little- known weak spot – that he was completely ticklish which defused any play fight.

“Corey also had a knack for winning at cards, especially ‘silly’ head where he would frequently beat his grandparents, much to his delight.

“With an everlasting knot in my stomach, a tight anxious chest and a broken heart grieving for a huge future lost, the void left is colossal as he had so much more precious fun to have and a huge life to lead.

“Corey was my much loved and admired son and best ‘little buddy’.

“In line with his beautiful character, Corey donated his organs in the hope that from this catastrophic event something, anything positive can result.”