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Its your chance to donate gifts to a worthy cause this christmas – with the pay it forward project


Vicki Harris says “my Christmas pay it forward event idea first started 2 years ago.  It all started from a tiny idea in my head that then became a reality”.

Vicki and her friend Stephanie Haanstra, have gifted over 250 elderly people with dementia, which is just absolutely incredible.

Vicky goes on to say “I am absolutely ecstatic and so excited to announce that myself and the pay it forward team have just been granted to do it for the third year running. We were unsure if we would be able to do it this year due to Covid regulations, so planning has taken a little more time this year to get things into place. We will only be able to donate to our chosen home this year, (last year we were lucky to donate to 2 separate homes) so we want to do something extra this year and we would love to appeal for gift donations for all residents at the home as well as gift donations for all the staff too””.

The friends feel the staff need a little pick me up too, a small gesture to thank them for working hard through the pandemic and keeping their residents safe.

They both say “we have reached out on Facebook again this year and are still asking people if they could donate gifts for this event because without you guys donating gifts, this event would have never been able to start in the first place””.

If you would like to take part and donate a gift this year please leave a comment for me Vicki Harris on my Facebook page and myself or a member of the team will pm you with all details.

All donations need to be in by Saturday the 5th of December at the latest.

Vicky Says “I would like to take this opportunity to Thank everyone in advance. Let’s make our Pay it forward Christmas event for 2020 the best one yet “💗💗
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