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Local artist brings christmas to life with some traditional festive cards made to help funds at the rbh


A local artist is bringing Christmas to life after creating some traditional festive images and helping the Royal Berkshire Hospital Charity to raise funds.

Claire Marie Gomm who is helping to raise funds for RBH says “after the first 100 packs(of Christmas cards) sold out very quickly the RBH charity have ordered another 300!  At £5 a pack and all profit going straight to the charity after printing, you can see how much it would help if they all sold”. 

“The cards are now back in stock and cost £5 for 10 with 5 robins, 5 penguins plus postage. As I had nothing more to do with it than handing over the originals to the charity, I can say they’re great quality prints too”. 

If you would like to order any of these cards to give to friends and family and help to raise some cash for Royal Berkshire Hospital – please see the link below.!/

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