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There are a lot of misconceptions about the people who need to use a Foodbank

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All this week Wokingam Council will be doing a series of posts highlighting some of the situations people find themselves in which mean they are unable to afford the cost of food.
If you are struggling to buy food for your household please do reach out for help.
All food parcels need a referral and we work with approximately 65 different referring organisations including Wokingham Borough Council, Wokingham Citizens Advice, Transform Housing, SMART, Share Wokingham, First Days, The Salvation Army and Berkshire Womans Aid.
We also receive referrals from lots of local schools and charities. If you’re not sure where to start give us a ring on 07926524605 and we can signpost you to a relevant agency for a referral.
Alternatively call Wokingham Citizens Advice on 0300 330 1189 who can support you to get the help you need.

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