Four teenage sisters from Berkshire Take to washing cars to help pay for their dad’s funeral

Mark died on Tuesday 19th July 2016 aged only 52, This is the story told by one of his four daughters.

On the morning of Monday 18th July, Dad collapsed at home, after the second time he wasn’t aware what was going on around him, let alone who we were. The ambulance was called and after being rushed into the Royal Berkshire Hospital they started their tests, it came back cancer. He had extremely advanced bowl cancer, advanced liver cancer and septicemia. This came as a surprise to everyone, even himself, the doctors couldn’t believe how long he had put up with all this agony and pain – without him knowing or even telling my mum or us.

They then told us he had tonight and tomorrow, there was nothing they could do to save him. The world went into slow motion, the night before he went to bed fine. He spent his last afternoon/evening surrounded my me and his other three daughters, my mum and his stepson. We told him how much we loved him and although being barely able to speak, he told us that he loved us and he is proud of us.


My mum stayed overnight at the hospital with him and on Tuesday 19th July at 4:41 in the morning he took his last breath. He went peacefully and calmly and in no pain.

Within 18 hours of Dad collapsing, he took his final breath, our lives changed within a click of a fingers. My dad fought so hard and he was so strong. He loved working with everyone at the hospital, and he loved his family and friends.

He has left behind his partner, his stepson and his four daughters aged 18, 17, 15 and 14. As well as all of his friends and other family members. Rest in peace, you were so loved.

Due to Mark passing away so out of the blue, financial costs for his funeral are a big difficulty. Mark really does deserve the best send off and the close family of Mark will very much appreciate any donations, whilst they are struggling through this terrible time.
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