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A section 60 order that was put in place on Friday has been extended for a further 24 hours

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A section 60 order in Sandhurst and Crowthorne that was extended yesterday (3/10) has been extended for a further 24 hours.

The order that was put in place on Friday (2/10) will now end at 2pm on Monday (5/10).

It covers the area defined by the road boundaries of the B3430 to the north, Wokingham Road to the west, York Town Road to the south and Rackstraw Road into Foresters Way to the east, including Sandhurst Memorial Ground.

Chief Superintendent Sarah Grahame, said: “Following a review of the Section 60 order that is in place in Sandhurst and Crowthorne, we have taken the decision to extend it for a further 24 hours. 

 “There will be a continued increased presence of uniformed police officers to provide reassurance.

“These orders exist to help us prevent serious violence. Although this may sound concerning, the Section 60 is just one of many measures we can use in order to prevent incidents of violence.

“Putting Section 60 orders in place is not something we do every day, and we do not take decisions to do so lightly.

“Please do not be worried if you are stopped by an officer. This does not mean you are in trouble. Please listen to and engage with our officers, and they will be happy to address any concerns that you have.”

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